Audi R8 Full-Facelift-Taillight-Modul
German Version
! NEW !
First Audi R8 Full Facelift Taillight Adapter
When retrofitting Audi R8 facelift taillights into pre-facelift R8, the use of this adapter provides
as the first adapter the full facelift functionality of the retrofitted taillight, as it is known from the
original Audi R8 facelift!
Separation of brake and rear light. This is the first adapter, which provides a separation between brake and rear light, in the same way, as it is known from the original facelift. The rear light isn´t switched on, when you hit the brakes!!
Removal of the rear light dimming. The pre-facelift rear light is dimmed. If you connect the facelift taillight directly (without the adapter) to a pre-facelift R8, the facelift taillight shines not with the full intensity.
R8 pre-Facelift
Activation of the dynamic turn signal! The highlight of the facelift taillight.
Fits for all pre-facelift R8! No matter what model year your car is. (Except North America model)
No fault indications will be generated! The facelift taillight together with the full facelift taillight adapter behaves electrically in the same way as the pre-facelift taillight does.
R8 Facelift
Easy plug & play installation. Connect the adapter between the facelift taillight and the cars
wiring harness! That´s all!
No additional coding necessary! There are no changes of the original cars coding necessary to
run the facelift taillight with our full facelift taillight adapter in your pre-facelift R8. Advantage:
Changes in the original coding of your R8 that are not authorized by Audi, could be reseted by
your Audi dealer. This will lead to malfunctions of your taillight, when using an adapter, which
needs additional coding

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